How Do I Order a Patient Sample?
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Orchard Harvest™ Webstation enables you to connect to an Orchard Harvest™ LIS from any location that has Internet access. This means that outlying doctor's offices and clinics can more easily take advantage of Harvest LIS resources, placing orders and reviewing results electronically.

Before you may place an order, you must have a valid user name and password to sign into the Harvest Webstation, as well as the necessary security settings to place orders. All of these are created and maintained in Harvest LIS. Contact the Harvest LIS System Administrator if you need assistance with your user name, password, or security settings.

Complete the following steps to place an order:

  1. Enter your user name and password in the Sign In page in Harvest Webstation.
  2. Your Harvest Webstation homepage appears.
  3. Note that there are different homepages depending on whether you sign in as a provider or as a technologist:

    • If you are signed in as a provider, click heresee the "Orchard Harvest Webstation Homepage for Providers" topic for help using your Harvest Webstation Homepage.
    • If you are signed in as a technologist, click heresee the "Orchard Harvest Webstation Homepage for Technologists" topic for help using your Harvest Webstation Homepage.
  4. Click the Order Samples link in the Harvest Webstation window to launch the first order entry page.
  5. The Order Samples: Patient & Order Choices page appears.
  6. Enter the order information for the patient, such as the patient name, the ordering provider, the order choices, and the diagnosis codes (if applicable). See Order Samples: Patient & Order Choices for complete details on what you need to enter in this page.
  7. Click Next to continue to the final order entry page.
  8. The Order Samples: Sample Info page appears.
  9. Enter the sample information for the order, such as the sample draw date and time, any Sample ID comments, or the encounter number. You should review the ABN status, if necessary, as well as modify the delivery options, if applicable. You may also modify the order choice information prior to saving the order.
  10. See Order Samples: Sample Information for complete details on what you need to enter in this page.

  11. After you have verified that the order is correct, save the order by clicking either the Save as Recurring or Save Order button.
    • If you click the Save as Recurring button, the Save as a Recurring Order page appears, allowing you to schedule the recurrences.
    • If you click the Save Order button, the Unreleased Order Details page appears, displaying the order and confirming that the order was saved.

    See Order Samples: Sample Information for more information on saving orders.

  12. Depending on the settings for Harvest Webstation, you may see some additional pages before the order is saved. See Clinical Questions, Printing Requisitions, or Printing Invoices for more information on these pages. Note that if the system administrator for Harvest LIS has disabled invoices for Harvest Webstation, but the system is configured to automatically print invoices in Harvest Webstation, then Harvest Webstation will alert you to the problem, and it will not print an invoice.
  13. After you have saved the order, Harvest Webstation automatically displays the order in the Unreleased Order Details page, indicating that you have successfully placed the order. From this page, you may view all of the order details, print the order, print labels for the order, print invoices, or delete the order.
  14. You may continue placing orders by repeating the steps above, or you may search for patient results. See How Do I Find Patient Results? for a general overview on searching for patient results in Harvest Webstation.

What happens after you place an order:

All orders that you place in Harvest Webstation are sent to the Release Stored Orders window in Harvest LIS. A Harvest LIS user must accession these orders into the database so that the orders may be run.

After the orders are run and Harvest LIS receives the results, it will deliver the results via print, fax, email, or Harvest Webstation, depending on the settings for the provider and location, as well as the CC recipient and delivery settings you entered when you placed the order (see above).

See the Harvest LIS online help for more information.

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